Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino Lessons & Workshops

Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino  have been giving individual lessons, group sessions and worshops for over 25 years. 

Michael and Candida are the UK's most experienced Mongolian Khöömii Overtone Singers and have taught internationally for over twenty years.

They have been Tibetan/Himalayan bowl players and practioners for over twenty years with a large collection of quality pre 21st Century bowls.

Michael and Candida have led Gong Baths and Sound Journeys using their vast collection of instruments for over twenty years.

Candida Valentino is a qualified Qigong and Yoga teacher

Michael is Colourscape/Eye-Music's main workshop leader running music sessions with SEN Schools, Main Stream Schools, Care Home with people with Dementia and Mental health issues and adhoc Colourscape workshops for 3 to 100 year olds.

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