Arc : Michael Ormiston

1 Traces & Remembrance 10’33'' : Pt1 Morin Khuur Improvisation Pt2 Kongurei 
2 Inland Sea  11’04’’ :Pt1 Source  Pt2 Fable 
3 Mountain Journey 15’32’’ pt1 Salkhi  pt2 Us  Pt3 Bii  pt4 Uul
4 Rubruck’s Karakorum Dance 4’28’’
5 Alaap Twenty Three 13’25

Original compositions, improvisations, and traditional arrangements of Mongolian and Tuvan melodies played on the Morin Khuur (Mongolian two stringed “Horse head fiddle”), the Kobyz (small Turkic “ladle shaped” two stringed fiddle of “shamanic” origins and the Esraj (metal 4 stringed with many sympathetic strings Bengali fiddle). Also featuring Mongolian Khöömii (overtone) singing, “E-Bowed” electric guitar, a bowed & rubbed fishing line, bowed cymbals, gongs, frame drums and jews-harp.

Thanks to Jeff Higley and Candida Valentino for their help and inspiration. Dedicated to my daughter Amina

©2000 Michael Ormiston

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