Life After Life : Candida Valentino 

1.Cave of a Thousand Buddhas 23’23”
   Pt1 Choir of Aums : Pt2 Tibetan/Himalayn Singing Bowl & Solo Voice : Pt3 Choir of Overtone Singing & Solo Voice : Pt4 Chorus of Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls : Pt5 Gong, Conch Shell, Bowed Cymbal : Pt 6 Om Mani Padme Hum : Pt 7 Tingshags and Bowed Water Bowls 
2. Dorvon Nastai Khaluin 7’34” : Solo Voice & Long song voices – Candida Valentino : Khöömii, Morin Khuur – Michael  Ormiston
3. Shiva Mahesh Vara  12’05” : Solo Voice, Harmony vocals & Tingshags – Candida Valentino : Percussion, Tambura, Esraj & Harmony vocals – Michael Ormiston  
4. Angel Chant 6’22” : Solo Voice, Harmony voices & Yaweh – Candida Valentino : Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Darabuka, Ney & Yaweh – Michael Ormistion
5. Kungorei (Tuva)/ A Shaman’s Calling (influence Native American) 6’37” : Solo Voice, Native American Flute, Shaman Drum, Shaker, Spring drum,
6. Om Tara Tuttare (Tibetan Buddhist) 15’29” : Solo voice/harmony voices and overtones – Candida Valentino : Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Electric 12 string, Esraj, Shaman Drum, Shaker and overtone singing – Michael Ormiston.

Life after Life is the debut CD by Candida Valentino and was recorded in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and Khöömii singer Michael Ormiston. Candida has chosen traditional songs, chants and mantras from various traditions as a way of expressing and acknowledging journeys that both externally and internally resonate with the eternal now.

All titles and original compositions arranged/performed by Candida Valentino and
Michael Ormiston. Recorded  at Chamber 26 Studios, London, Spring 2001. © Candida Valentino 2001

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